Music composer for games / visual media and independent Synth artist.


"With VHS Glitch, there’s often one foot manning the machines according to how the 80s often designed the blueprints. Along with another foot firmly stood upon the present day to conceive of such lustrous entanglements of electronic work, and then a third foot, yes a third foot, unwinding into the future to reach those vibrant stars in that expansive darkness and harness every sci-fi inspired cosmological points of power. In less than 19 minutes. Nostalgia is so melancholic it’s almost euphoric. Nostalgia is so last year it’s too much, too soon."


"One of the many characteristics of Synthwave that makes this genre so appealing to me is the mythology that comes along with the music; many of the artists have a story they’re conveying… or at least a rough idea of one they’re channeling. Robots and virtual reality and evil corporations and zombies and serial killers and Russia and mass paranoia! It’s a version of the ’80s that existed in movies more so than real life, but one that evokes strong feelings of nostalgia nonetheless. [...]

VHS Glitch is kind of the slow-jam king of synthwave artists; his grooves are more subtle than the buzzsaw bass rips and hard-hitting beats of the genre’s heaviest purveyors like Perturbator and GosT, but sometimes you just wanna slow fuck your lover on the side from behind when you wake up in the morning, not pound / get pounded mercilessly after a drunken night out, ya know? And VHS Glitch still packs plenty of punch."