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Darkest - Light (digipack)

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Orchestral & cinematic synth ambient.

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Not much is known about his early life. In 1980, in the ruins of a deserted monastery, a nun's testimony was discovered. This anonymous scripture reveals that Darkest was a ritual composer of the Middle Ages who became a knight, then a crusader and mysteriously disappeared. According to this manuscript, visionary monks and nuns kept Darkest's identity hidden from the religious community.

Digipack release.

Format CD
Genre(s) epic, synth, OST, dark synth
Label Neuropa Records
Catalogue No. NRP108
Release Date 09/11/2018
Barcode 1104040001084
Country Belgium
  • 01. Ave Generosa
  • 02. Acceptance
  • 03. Dawn
  • 04. Brightest Darkness
  • 05. Oceans
  • 06. Penitent
  • 07. Ascension
  • 08. Eternal

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