Nidingr - Wolf-Father
Nidingr - Wolf-Father
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Vinyl edition available!
175 copies on black vinyl, 175 copies on white vinyl and 75 copies on grey vinyl.


Norwegian Nidingr return after a 5 year hiatus with their second album entitled "Wolf-Father", a theme-album based on Norse mythology. Nidingr already enjoys an elevated status among metal connoisseurs and this new release will certainly confirm all of that, and then some. Nidingr's mainman is Teloch whose many undertakings include Gorgoroth, Orcustus, 1349, Umoral, etc.

Released as a mini-cd, this disc has six metal tracks of the highest standard. No wonder that Garm (Ulver) decided to make this the first black metal release on his very own Jester Records. Spearheaded by former member of 1349 & Gorgoroth and featuring Hellhammer (Mayhem) on drums / Garm (Ulver) on guest vocals.

01. Fafnismol
02. Baldrs Draumar
03. Reginsmol
04. Voluspo
05. Hymiskvitha
06. Lokasenna

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  1. Nidingr - Wolf-Father
    Nidingr - Wolf-Father
    from €9.00 (in Jester)
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