Cold Fusion & Rukkanor - Silk Road
Cold Fusion & Rukkanor - Silk Road
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The Silk Road is a series of trade and cultural transmission-routes connecting East and West by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time. Many artistic influences transited along the Silk Road, especially through Central-Asia, where Hellenistic, Iranian, Indian and Chinese influences were able to intermix. 'Silk Road' - a split of Cold Fusion and Rukkanor is a road album, connecting past with present, East and West, classical oriental melodies and modern arrangements.

Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies.

01. Akhmim
02. Yarkand
03. Saphar
04. Gades
05. Horaia
06. Kandahar
07. Charax
08. Berenica
09. Thaton

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  1. Cold Fusion & Rukkanor - Silk Road
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