Volkor X does not come in peace.

"Coming from a distant planet in the depths of the universe, Volkor X marked himself as one of the most innovative and interesting acts within the synthwave genre. After a flawless “This Means War” delivering a perfect sense of songwriting filled with progressive elements, our Galactic Overlord is ready to strike again with his new release, named “This Is Our Planet Now”, which appears to be a sequel of his previous album released in 2016."


"As a rule, all Synthwave should be as progressive as Volkor X. This Is Our Planet Now is the spiritual sequel to his 2016 album, This Means War, and has set the barometer extremely high for this genre. [...]  Volkor X keeps moving forward and pushing boundaries and is not afraid to bridge the gap between synth and metal. His work is a vital addition to the Synthwave genre and enough to make others stand up and listen."


"Not much is known about Volkor X, a mysterious synthwave artist who first popped up in the scene last year with a pair of two-song EPs. The only clues to his origins come in the Bandcamp liner notes for his forthcoming album This Means War, where Carpenter Brut is thanked and Soilwork’s Sylvain Coudret is credited with a guitar solo. Could he be from France? Probably. All the best synthwave artists are. [...] Not that it really matters in 2016. Key question: do the jams go hard? Yes, of course they do."