"Tragedy had been known by ancient Greeks as a universal laxative for feelings, and I am sure that they had an amazing experience in this theme. It’s been basically defined that tragedy treats 

the sorrowful or terrible events encountered or caused by an individual in a serious and dignified style. Similarly to ancient Greeks, Barcelonian Der Blaue Reiter had been exploring the deepest crypts of tragedy for more than ten years finding a special aesthetic pleasure in diving into the darkest and heaviest feelings of human beings. Supported by the wonderful Cecilia Bjargo (one of the masterminds behind the scene's classic Swedish band Arcana), the Spaniards create solid martial sounds which are mixed with orchestrations and classical interludes, devastating environments filled with emotion and sadness. Since their first album released during 2006 on Caustic Records I tagged this band for myself as the one that is able to evolve into some big sensation. Recently, Der Blaue Reiter passed the last transformation when Lady Nott decided to leave from the band and Cecilia joined the lineup full-time for the future of the band next to the founder member Sathorys Elenorth. And after ten years of a constant development which resulted in four full format albums and a several singles, the new album Fragments of Life, Love & War can be easily called a quintessence of all the best moments that martial neoclassic scene can offer these days to its faithful follower. "