Greek electronic atmospheric synth composer Eftychios Xirakis a.k.a. Darkest is recognized for both his quiet but emotive synth ambient music and dynamic electronic spacewave sound. He started out composing music as one of the very first founding synthwave acts in 2011 (under a different alias - one of the most enigmatic retrowave projects) and released his debut epic religious space synth album "Light" in 2018. Electronic Sound Magazine (UK) reviewed this album quoting “Darkest’s Light is a genuine masterpiece. It’s a stunning release that defies genres”. Darkest’s second album is completed and will be released in 2021. A healing journey during these modern dark ages.


"The ever mysterious Darkest finally graces us with his long-awaited debut LP. The eight tracks found on 'Light' are enveloped in an ominous ambience, lying somewhere between conventional synthwave and the blacker dungeon synth. The slowly building “Ave Generosa' is intensified by the haunting vocals of Kristine, the cinematic ecclesiastical tones of ‘Acceptance' are positively breathtaking, and the synth whines of ‘Penitent' could be straight from ‘Blade Runner'. Second album when?"