"Ever since 2013 rolled in Blitzkrieg Baby has been on a non-stop musical warpath singling out disgusting and twisted rituals the world at large has to offer to the many, many unfortunate citizens that were born on Earth. Their extravagant martial-industrial offerings have been hit-after-hit with EPs such as "Cannibal Commando", "War Gods", and (my personal favorite) "Kids' World". Last year saw the release of their first full-length album "Homo Sapiens Parasitus" via Neuropa Records since their debut "Porcus Norvegicus" which saw a bit of an aesthetic change for the band. Rather than focusing on realistic and gritty pig-mask wearing men or child soldiers wielding dual pistols, the cover art suggested a parody on classic cartoons. The cover art was a huge play on Looney Tunes with the background being an almost exact replica of what Porky Pig pops out of to deliver his infamous line, "That's all folks!"

Their 2020 effort is doubling-down on that stylistic choice as "Genocidal Sextasy" has cover art that replaces the horrifying pig mask with that of a cartoon-ish pig that once again reminds me of Porky Pig. Only this time the mask is over a bullet-belt wearing, assault rifle toting, Purge-looking character. The top of the cover art has the band's name written in font with which I can only compare to that of Disney's old-school writing. To say that they've nailed the cynicism the band has constantly put forth in the lyrics is an understatement; they've perfected it on this album."